• Join.me is a free tool that allows you to share your screen with anyone who has Internet access
  • Note that they can view your screen only - they do not have access to your computer
  • This tool is great for collaboration or for presenting student work in a class where students
    are using laptops/computers

How to Use this Tool

Examples of Use

Adobe Connect - Sharing Resources
  • Use in Adobe Connect for Sharing Materials in Breakout Groups (watch video - 2:08)
  • Share screen feature in Adobe is a bit unpredictable; Join.Me on the other hand works quite well
    when students are working on or observing shared documents

Class Presentations
  • Students were in multiple groups creating a Wiki
  • I wanted them to present their Wiki's but sharing my computer slows things down and is awkward
  • Instead they sent me their join.me links to their screens and sat at their desks using their own
    laptops to present their group Wiki