• Jing allows you to record your screen for presenting or teaching concepts
  • It's free and great for creating explanations of mathematics problems
  • Also good for giving feedback to students, instructions on problem sets, and reviewing problem areas on exams

How to Use this Tool

  1. Download Jing and watch overview video (Free)
  2. This video shows you how to capture a video (2:49) *

  3. Other Jing tutorials you might find helpful
  4. Note**: You can also use Snagit which allows you to create videos longer than 5 minutes ($30 for educators) and offers an easy upload to YouTube

Teaching Examples/ Strategies

  • You can create videos for
    • presenting concepts
    • explaining how to do problems
    • providing feedback to students
    • giving instructions for problems sets
    • providing administrative instructions (e.g., what you want in an assignment)