• Clickers (also called Classroom or Audience Response Systems) allow you to create
    interactive PowerPoint presentations
  • See an example of clickers in action(4:04) (but don't use the countdown - too much pressure)
  • Each student is given a clicker to vote (see below where you can get clickers)
  • A question is presented on the screen, students use their click in the responses
    with a remote control, the answers are recorded and displayed instantly for the class.
  • See an example of clickers in action (don't use the countdown)
  • Note: You can also use PollEveryWhere when students in your class have cell phones of computers
  • There are 32 clickers in a set and they can be signed out at the Education UOIT library or by contacting

How to Use this Tool

  1. Download CPS software at CPS Software - Version 6.74 (as of Mar 2013)
  2. Install the software
  3. Plug in your receiver (circle "thingy") into a USB slot on your laptop
  4. Open up the CPS software (double click CPS icon on your desktop)
  5. Follow instructions from Quick and Dirty Intro using PowerPoint(4:15) video
  6. Tell students to point to the circle "thingy", not the screen when clicking in
  7. Florescent lights MAY interfere with some clickers, so you may need to turn the lights off

Examples of Use