• Animotois a free, web-­‐based tool that allows users to create unique, beautifully produced
    presentations using images, video, music and text
  • It is extremely easy to use as most of the video editing is done automatically
    allowing users to focus on higher order skills and content creation.
  • All students can be successful using Animoto regardless of age level or ability and once
    videos are produced they can be easily shared by downloading, embedding or sharing a link
  • Apply for unlimited videos for education

How to Use this Tool

Examples of Use

  • Activity 1 - Create a book trailer - Students create a short video based on s storyline of a book they read
  • Activity 2 - Digital Storytelling - Students work in teams of 2-3 to create video (e.g. family tales, historical events, cultural events, consolidation of a math or science unit -see more ideas here)
  • Activity 3 - Math Connection in the Real World - students create a video explaining a math that they have recently learned and create a short video to explain how the concept can be related to the real world
  • See Stephen Miles' detailed written description of these activities plus a video description (8:22)